10 Weight Loss Tips (Student Edition)

Jeff Blackler tells us his 10 Weight Loss Tips. He has lost 45lbs on his journey to be fit. His tips are based on what he has found when losing weight and not what the books say. This is the sequel to 10 Weight Loss Tips (Trainer Edition).

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“Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.” – Tony Robbins

1) Become a Self Starter
No one is going to lose this weight for you. In fact, you will find many people resistant to changing their habits to help you achieve your dream. You have to decide that you want this enough that you will do it with or without the help of others.

2) Choose a Maintainable Plan
Crash diets may work in the short term but will rapidly reverse once you stop. You need to choose a plan that can work with your lifestyle. Extreme diet or exercise is never going to work long term.

3) Don’t Start Too Big
Many people make the mistake of going from overeating to undereating. If you were eating 3,500 calories a day, don’t then just drop to 1,300 a day. You will lose the motivation to keep it going because you will be miserable. Take smaller steps and you will achieve far more than you ever expected. Big weight loss takes time.

4) Plan Out Your Workout
Make a plan of what you want to achieve in your workout BEFORE you start. That way you don’t just stop once you start feeling good. Plus, who doesn’t like to accomplish something they set out to do? You would be surprised how fulfilling it is to cross something off of a list.

5) Success Is More Than A Number On A Scale
Progress isn’t all about the number on the scale. As you progress on your journey, you will gain muscle and your body will become more toned. Neither of these things will be reflected positively on a scale. Do something other than weighing yourself, like taking measurements. You will feel much better in those times that the scale doesn’t reflect your hard work.

6) Diet is Most Important
You didn’t become overweight by not exercising. You became overweight by not eating properly day after day. While exercise is important in the process, you can’t out-exercise your poor diet and maintain it for the rest of your life. Remember, six pack abs are made in the kitchen.

7) Push Yourself Once A Week
Try something new every week. It doesn’t matter if it is a new routine, longer/heavier sets, or trying a new recipe. These new things will keep you interested and motivated. You don’t know what you can accomplish if you never try it. I promise, you won’t regret it!

8) Know When You’ve Fallen Off the Wagon
You will fall off the wagon eventually. Many people will fall off after putting in all the hard work once they discover their newly improved body. It is important for you to take time to assess yourself and make sure you are heading towards a goal.

9) Surround Yourself With Experience
Find friends, trainers, and strangers who have gone through (or are currently going through) the weight loss journey. These people can help you better understand the process and struggles that come with a long weight loss journey. It is also wise to befriend a few trainers and experts.

10) Goals Make Dreams Come True
Writing down and accomplishing goals is the only way you can get that body you’ve dreamed about. It is important to set achievable goals that still push you. You will be surprised what you can accomplish when you break it down into small steps. Don’t worry about the length of the journey and just keep focused. You will get there.

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