A New Year

Alex and Jeff explain the goals for UpRating.com in 2013 as well as their progress through the past year. An exciting addition to our team and an article featuring our founders is also discussed.

Progress and Goals

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An Addition to our Team
We are very happy to announce that Bridget Germain has joined our team as the Public Relations and Communications Director. Bridget has been working with us since August and is a large part of the success of UpRating.com.

We have come a long way in the last year, having purchased a domain, launched a temporary site, and applied for a trademark. We have begun collecting data for testing and we’ve also begun publishing on our blog.

We have been working on redesigning the Simplex Software Solutions, LLC company website, which will better represent our work. We are also going to overhaul UpRating.com to include better navigation and a more interactive home page. You will see these changes over the next couple of months.

The Blog
Our blog is going to include many more long form reviews by our community. Reviews are a big part in the buying process for many consumers and that’s why it is important to us that they be full of useful content. Long form reviews will be a key feature for us as our site grows bigger.

We have had the privilege of talking with some members of the media who are interested in publishing an article about our work. We look forward to the start of a great relationship with the media. There will be an announcement closer to the publishing date.

We look forward to another great year full of many exciting moments and news. Our team has been hard at work to truly make product search easier and more useful. We will keep you posted on our progress as it all comes together.

Thank you for all the support over the past year. Please continue to support us and provide us with feedback.


Alex Brayman and Jeff Blackler

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