Review: Fitbit One

Jeff Blackler reviews the Fitbit One, an advanced pedometer that syncs with your computer and phone to track your physical activity. His review covers the device, online dashboard, and phone app.

Fitbit OneI bought this fitness tracker as a way to improve/track my physical activity. The hope was that this would motivate me to get up and be more active on a daily basis. My other need was to get a general idea of how much I can eat in a day based on my activity.

I have also had trouble sleeping over the past few years so the sleep tracker was an intriguing feature. This feature turned out to be pretty useless.

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1) Dashboard – Adjustable goals, visual tracking, tools for tracking food intake.
2) Size – Very discrete and unnoticeable.
3) Battery Life – I charge it only about once a week from my computer. It also will send you an email when the battery level is low.
4) Weight Loss Plan – The dashboard helps you calculate how many calories you can consume per day based on how quickly you want to lose weight and how much exercise you have gotten.
5) Badges/Milestones – They are a nice reward for your hard work and are not so easy to achieve.


1) Sleep Mode – I thought this would be a worthy feature. However, after the first week or so it ended up not telling me any new information. Plus, every so often it randomly activates in the middle of a day.
2) Android App – The android version is pretty useless. It doesn’t synchronize and sends you late motivational notifications.

Side Note: I don’t use the food tracker because it seems far too time consuming to enter your meals/snacks in every time you eat.


I am definitely pleased overall with this purchase. It does most of the things that I was looking for and turns fitness into a competition with yourself (and friends). I highly suggest taking the first week with it and setting a baseline by just wearing it The visual graphics definitely help with seeing your progress. The improvements that can be made are on the software side, which means it can be fixed in the near future without having to buy another one.

The one thing to remember is that this only solves half of the weight loss process, by tracking just physical activity on the device. However, it does provide some other tools to help you with the eating part.

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