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…And we’re back.

After a long absence filled with career moves, address changes, and soul searching, we are kickstarting ® once again.

Thank you to those who helped us get to where we last ended.  The endless hours of writing, editing, researching, and meetings were much appreciated.  We wouldn’t be even thinking about restarting if it wasn’t for the success and fun we had the first time. Bridget, Erin, and David, we can’t thank you enough for this help.

Our relaunch will create some minor changes to our brand.  First, we will be focusing more on buy guides, case studies, tutorials, and tips that will be geared towards a better lifestyle.  This won’t be a major shift from our previous content but will eliminate a couple of categories.  Second, we will be approaching this as a community driven project.  There will be a lot more content driven by requests and contributions from those who use our site.

Stay tuned!


Alex Brayman and Jeff Blackler

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