Launch of “Coming Soon” Page!

This development post covers the start of and the launch of the “Coming Soon” page. Jeff goes over the plans for this website along with what you can expect as we move forward on this exciting journey.

First Couple of Weeks Coming SoonWelcome to our “Coming Soon” page! We have put together a small site to provide people with information about our project. We also publish a blog with information on different technologies and purchasing guides.

Updates and Fixes:
Over the past week, we have been logging and fixing errors and bugs as we find them. Here is a list of some of those fixes:
1) Fixed commenting button – comment away!
2) Changed header gradient code for Internet Explorer
3) Added social share buttons for each post
4) Changed how we do the Newsletter Subscriptions due to long delay of confirmation E-mail
5) Created new blog layout that is iPad friendly

Some of these updates may not be visible until you refresh your browser using the F5 key. This is due to our server settings which allow us to provide a much faster website experience.
If you notice anything else that is wrong, please let us know so we can fix it.

What to Expect:
Posts, in general, will be published on a wide variety of topics including tech news, buy guides, and much more. Articles will be posted on a regular basis.
Future development posts will include progress on the temp site along with our prototype.

Thank You!
We would like to thank all of you for the support so far. It means a lot to us! Please send us any feedback you have. Please also continue to share the content we produce if you think it’s great!

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