Is The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 A Good Phone?

Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2Deciding what phone to buy is always a difficult decision with new devices being released to the market every month. For me, this was especially difficult because I have had multiple Blackberry phones previously and had grown to like their products. I was going to wait to buy the new Blackberry z10, but at the time, it was not released. Not wanting to buy an obsolete blackberry I decided my choices were limited to Apple or Android.

Due to the fact I already have an iPad, I was dissuaded from buying an iPhone because it would simply be a smaller version of my iPad and I am not a fan of the Apple operating system, I like to be able to customize my phone and have plenty of adjustable options.

To make a decision, I came to the conclusion I needed to physically try the phones recently released to see what features are available. So off to Verizon I ventured to search for a new cellular device.

The first phones that drew my attention were the Motorola Razr HD, Samsung Galaxy S3, and then I saw the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Instantly attracted to the mini-tablet that claimed to be a phone, I needed to know more. After a few minutes of using each one, I was drawn back to the Galaxy Note 2 with its massive and clear HD super AMOLED screen. Then I realized it had a stylus and my intrigue spiked. The stylus is one of the best features because of how many things it allows you to do that would not be possible without it.

Price: $422.50 with 2-year contract from Verizon
OS: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
Ownership Length: 6 month
Buy at (aff)

1. Screen size and quality- Very large 5.55 inch and super bright HD super AMOLED screen provides clear video and vivid colors.
2. Stylus- The stylus that comes with this phone is unlike any other. Not only does it have a button but the phone also detects it when it is hovering over the screen.
3. Operating system- Android 4.1 Jelly Bean provides features that work well with the phone such as built in power saver mode and driving mode.
4. Speed – Quad core processor makes it so that you can multitask…on a phone.

1. Size- Difficult to use with one hand.


At the time, my phone had died and I was forced to replace it. I decided on something that would be the best for me, which happened to be the most expensive one at the time. After owning this phone for more than 6 months, I am still in love with it and use it nonstop, both for business and for entertainment. If you like watching video on your phone, multi-tasking, lightning fast processing, and the ability to draw, then I highly recommend getting the Note 2.